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Rent to tourists - accommodation prices

The accommodations are available outside of the workshop period in July and-or August. On offer for rent are the so-called 'lower house' and the two appartments. The lower house, accommodates a maximum of 5 people. If you want to come with more people, you rent the lower house with one or two apartments. The apartments accommodate 3 7 people, so that in total the maximum is twelve people. Moreover, there is the possibility of an extra caravan for rent (2 persons).

Description of the accommodation

The lower house
The 'lower house' has two floors, with access to each floor inside (via an oak staircase) as well as outside (via a stone staircase).
Ground floor: large room (9,80m by 4,50 m.) with dinner table, cupboards and a sleeping unit with 2-3 beds., a large kitchen (4m by 2,75 m.) with sink, fridge, cooker with five rings, oven, worktop; a bathroom (2,50m by 1,80 m.) with toilet, big shower, wash table and washing machine. A staircase leading to the first floor.
Upper floor: large living room (9.80m by 4.50m.), annex sleeping unit with a 2-meter-wide antique mantelpiece, a so-called 'évier' (antique sink); the furniture in the living room is consists of a sofa for 3 with matching armchair; the sleeping unit is 3.5m by 5 m. with a large double bed (1.60m by 2.00m) and a large wardrobe, plus one extra bed and a child's bed (up to a 3-year-old).
Outside: the lower house has its own terrace and garden, with dinner table and chairs.
The appartments The two appartments are adjacent in what used to be the barn ('grange'), 5 meters removed from the lower house.
Arrangement: each appartment has its own bathroom with toilet, shower and wash table, plus a corner for cooking. Besides a sofa bed, there is also room for two single or one double bed. Outside: both appartments share a terrace.

The Bakery
In 2011 we have built the Bakery house on 30 m distance from the manor, with a separated garden.
Inside: In the sitting room the big window shows the beautiful panorama on the hills. The traditional (bread) oven is combined with modern design: a sitting room of 7 x 4 m with an open kitchen, 2 bedrooms: 1 with a double bed and 1 with 2 one persons beds, a bathroom with toilet, shower and sink.
Outside: the spacious terrace is situated south-west, with 4 garden chairs.
Number of persons: 4 maximum.

Swimming Pool
A swimming pool of 10m x 5m en 1.60m deep with an outside toilet and shower, a large sunny terrace with a beautiful view.

Costs for accommodation
When you rent for at least 3 weeks, we give 5% reduction per week.

High season
(between 15 July -1 Sept)
Low season
(before 15 June–after 1 Sept)
House with Stone Staircase with big, well equipped kitchen and terrace
maximum of 5 persons

€ 650,- per week
€  475,- per week
Final cleaning € 40,- € 40,-
Lower house plus Lavender
maximum of 9 persons
€ 950 ,- per week € 700,- per week
Final cleaning € 60,- € 60,-
Rent Lower house plus Lavender and Oleander
maximum of 12 persons
€ 1200,- per week € 875,- per week
Final cleaning € 80,- € 80,-
Gîte Lavendel only
If available: with outdoor kitchen and shielded terrace
maximum of 4 persons
€ 350,- per week
€ 400,- per week

€ 255,- per week
€ 300,- per week

Final cleaning € 20,- € 20,-
Gite Oleander only
with outdoor kitchen and shielded terrace
maximum of 3 persons
€ 400,- per week € 300,- per week
Final cleaning € 20,- € 20,-
Lavender and Oleander - without the Lower House
maximum of 7 persons
€ 675,- per week € 500,- per week
Final cleaning € 40,- € 40,-
Fournil – with two bedrooms, living room with kitchen
maximum of 4 persons
€ 600,- per week € 450,- per week
Final cleaning € 40,- € 40,-
House with Stone Staircase + 2 Gîtes + Fournil
Possibility to place 1 or 2 beds extra, then 17 or 18 persons
Maximum of 16 persons
1800,- per week
€ 35 per bed per week

1325,- per week
€ 25 per bed per week

Final cleaning € 120- € 120,-
Extra rent caravan 'honeysuckle' € 150,- per week € 100,- per week
Final cleaning € 15,- € 15,-
EXTRA OPTION : Rent of linen (sheets, towels etc.) . Price 15 per person per week.

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