Atelier d’Activités Artistiques « Fabre Vieux »
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Atelier d’Activités Artistiques « Fabre Vieux »


02 – 09 May 2015         Making Theatre from Light Design
    by Tom Willems and Thomas Brand
01 – 08 August 2015   Clown
    by Loïc Bayle and Jessica Raynal

The workshop Making Theatre from Light Design
Light has an important role in the theatre. It has a big influence on the stage image. With light you can change the space from a frigid winter night in a sweet summer night; a bare empty area in a dense jungle. Light in theatre doesn’t have to be necessarily a theatre spot. In this workshop we will work out of the natural light from the location, using the hills and the buildings of Château Fabre Vieux. How can be light a starting point for a character and a story? How can we transform that natural light in artificial light towards a neutral space, to convey the same content in a new form? During the workshop Tom Willems (NL) will guide you in acting and script and Thomas Brand (NL) in light design and projection.

The workshop Clown will offer you the opportunity to take the first steps into the vast universe of the clown. The participants search for authenticity to find their own clown with his vulnerability and weaknesses, his poetry and colour. The artistic language of each actor will be explored through playing and improvising, with an alert body, rich of sensations. The pedagogy is based on ´movement theatre’, with the body and its dynamics as basic tool. This theatre creates an universal language, to be discovered, explored and played by the body. The artistic language of every participant will be created by liberating the emotions and awakening the imagination. The actors develop solo’s, duo´s, trio´s depending on the characteristics of each individual clown.
Loic Bayle and Jessica Raynal (FR) offer you as joyful tools: the movements of the body as engine and tool for playing; now and than will make use of the ´mask larva´ (embryonic or half mask) and the smallest mask in the world: the nose of the clown.

  summer 2015  


02 – 09 May 2015* Making Theatre from Light Design  
  by Tom Willems and Thomas Brand  

01 – 08 August 2015*

by Loïc Bayle and Jessica Raynal

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