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Fabre Vieux:

- an offer in the summer of workshops theatre and workshops visual arts (including accomodation)

- rental of accommodation to summerguests

- rental of accommodation to theatregroups, schools & organisations for rehearsals, study weeks, workshops

About Fabre Vieux
Fabre Vieux Manor is situated on the limestone plateau of the Quercy Blanc, in the Petite Barguelonne valley, in between the villages of l'Hospitalet and Cézac, approximately 15 kilometers south of the medieval town of Cahors and also 15 km removed from Castelnau-Montratier, the district capital.
The manor dates from 1642 and has been restored by the current owner, Maria van Bakelen, with authentic materials to its original state where possible, with the thick stonewalls, the old roof construction, the three huge mantelpieces and the ten-meter-high donjon. After twelve years, the restoration has just about been completed. The block of buildings consists of two adjacent houses, a large barn containing a theatre, and two livings/studios, plus a work floor for the visual arts courses. The buildings are surrounded by 4 hectares of hilly land with a beautiful view to all wind-directions. There is a swimming pool.

There is hot and cold running water. The premises are not connected to the power network (yet); electricity is supplied by a diesel generator and by solar energy. A large dug-in propane gas tank supplies the water heater, fridge and cooker. For lighting petrol -, gas -, and solar energy lamps, and candles are used. There is audio equipment, but no television.

Workshops in theater and visual arts
The course center started in 2003. Three workshops are planned for the 2006 season. They will be given by people who are both inspired artists and qualified teachers, and who aim at creating art in relation to the special location of the manor: the buildings, the hill, the region of the Quercy Blanc in the Lot department.
Each workshop start on Monday and end with a presentation on the last day. Participants arrive on Sunday afternoon and leave the day after the presentation after breakfast. The morning sessions from 9.00 till 13.00 hrs. are guided by the artists-teachers (unless mentioned otherwise); during the afternoon the participants are free to work for themselves; some workshops have also evening sessions.

Most workshops last five days, some nine days. The total costs for each workshop consist of two amounts: one is the workshop fee, the other is the rent for accommodation.
The total amount includes:
· five morning sessions from 9.00 – 13.00 or 10.00 – 13.00 and ev. two evening sessions;
· the use of the theatre studio or work floor for the visual arts respectively
· the use of tools and materials
· breakfast and lunch during 5 (or 9) days
· coffee at the reception and a festive dinner at the end of the workshop
· the final presentation on the last day

If you don’t feel like cooking dinner yourself, you can enlist for a joint dinner, or go out to one of the various excellent restaurants you will find within a range of 15 kilometers.

There are various options for accommodation, varying in space and luxury, therefore with various price tags. There are double bedrooms and larger sleeping accommodation for 3 to 4 people. The two studios have a bathroom and toilet, a pantry and a terrace. Other rooms share these conveniences. Apart from this, there is also the option for people of modest means to camp on the premises with your own tent or caravan. One fully equipped caravan is for rent. There are a limited number of places for caravans and campers. People with a tent can use the sanitary facilities at the workshops. There is also a kitchen outside.

Renting outside the period of summer workshops
Except for the period in which the summer workshops take place, the accommodations are for rent to individual summer guests or theatregroups.

Rent to summer guests
Outside the period of the summer workshops, Fabre Vieux is for rent to individual tourists. If you like sunny weather, piece and quiet, walks or bicycle tours in a beautiful countryside, you will certainly enjoy the place. On offer for rent are the so-called ‘lower house’ and the two studios, accommodating up to twelve people, plus the possibility of an extra caravan for rent. Renting just the ‘lower house’ is also possible.

Rent to groups
Are you looking for a suitable location for a project, study week, repeat performance or rehearsals? Fabre Vieux is available for you the whole year through outside the period of the summer workshops We assume that you yourself take care of all activities, the cooking, the cleaning, and that your stay is on your own responsibility. For a small amount extra a guardian can be arranged. We can also organize special workshops, if required. Specific wishes can be discussed in advance.
Fabre Vieux is equipped to accommodate 12 to 15 people, with a limited possibility to add a number of beds.

Fabre Vieux offers you:
· a calm and quiet place on 4 hectare of own property
· a splendidly restored manor from 1642
· all modern conveniences
· a separate theatre studio of 15 by 5 m.
· a covered work floor for the visual arts
· sleeping accommodation for 12 – 15 people inside
· three toilets and showers near the sleeping accommodations
· extra toilets and showers near the studios
· limited possibility to camp
· a large, fully equipped kitchen
· an extra kitchen outside
· a number of terraces and places to sit outside
· a swimming pool of 10 x 5 m

During the summer there are several festivals.
The rent of the house varies between 1000 and 2500 euro per week. Reduction for low budget groups, such as students, can be discussed. The region offers lots of opportunities for excursions in the field of art, architecture, museums, archeology (e.g. the caves of Pêche Merle).